Identification of the Quality of Wipes for Newborn

Mar 22,2022

1. How to distinguish the quality of wet wipes for newborn?

When mothers face the dazzling variety and brand of wet wipes for newborn, are they not sure which one to buy? How to distinguish the pros and cons of wet wipes for newborn? Moms should take these factors into account during selection.

(1) Carefully check the product manual, select products from regular manufacturers with detailed factory address, service telephone number, health standards, enterprise standards and relevant health department record numbers, etc., and pay attention to whether there is ISO certification.

(2) Wet wipes for newborn generally do not contain alcohol, fragrance and other ingredients that are irritating to the baby's skin. Put the wet wipes for newborn to your nose and smell it gently to make sure there is no strong fragrance or pungent smell before buying. Also, slightly better quality infant wipes contain antibacterial ingredients.

(3) The raw material of infant wipes should be spunlace non-woven fabric (also called non-woven fabric). Spunlace refers to a type of non-woven fabric forming technology. There are other technologies such as hot air and hot rolling, but wet wipes for newborn made of spunlace non-woven fabric are better.

The main components of spunlace non-woven fabric for infant wipes are viscose (natural fiber based on cotton) and polyester (chemical fiber).

Usually there are 3:7 ratio, 5:5 ratio, 7:3 ratio, which refer to the content ratio of viscose and polyester, and 3:7 ratio means that viscose accounts for 30% and polyester accounts for 70%.

The 7:3 ratio means that viscose accounts for 70% and polyester accounts for 30%. The higher the viscose content, the better the quality, and the higher the cost and price. The higher the viscose content, the softer and the better the water absorption.

(4) High-quality non-woven fabrics for infant wipes are white and free of any impurities. The raw materials of inferior wipes for newborn are very poor, and it can be seen that there are obvious impurities on them.

High-quality fragrance free wipes will not have obvious fluff during use, while inferior wet wipes will have obvious fluff during use.

(5) The fewer ingredients in alcohol free wipes, the better, and the more ingredients, the more likely it is to be dangerous.

2. The misunderstanding of using wet wipes on newborns

The skin of young children is delicate, and it is easy to get dirty when baby is scratching with small hands, and there is no way to clean the dirty parts of the baby when going out, so wet wipes for cleaning have become an indispensable item for babies, especially when they go out.

Wiping with infant wipes after the baby urinates and poos is the gentlest way to clean, but wet wipes for newborn should also be used correctly. Some inappropriate use will also cause harm to young children. What misunderstandings are there in our use process?

Babies' skin barrier is not fully developed, so water loss is rapid. There are some moisturizing ingredients added in the wipes, so using the yoboo infant wipes to help the baby clean can play a moisturizing role.

But wipes are not a panacea, and some sensitive areas are not suitable for using wipes. When using wipes on newborns, avoid sensitive areas such as eyes, ears, and private parts. Wiping these areas with infant wipes may cause bacterial infections.

Wet wipes are not a substitute for hand washing. Infant wipes are mainly used to clean up some stains that ordinary paper towels cannot clean during outdoor activities.

However, even the best wet wipes for newborn cannot replace hand washing. The flowing water when washing hands can effectively wash away all kinds of bacteria on the hands. Therefore, mothers cannot always use infant wipes for the sake of convenience, but they should wash baby's hands when it is necessary.

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