How to Store Milk in Milk Storage Pouches?

Jul 01,2023

Many people know that milk storage pouches are used to store breast milk for emergency use, but few people know how the milk is stored. For new moms, this can be particularly challenging. As breast milk is essential for babies, it is important to understand more about it. So how do we store the milk in the storage pouches? How do we use the storage pouches to store milk?

Milk storage pouches are plastic products used for packaging food, mainly used to store breast milk

Mothers can express milk when their supply is ample and refrigerate or freeze it in the storage pouches for future use, for instance, when the milk supply is low, or when they cannot breastfeed on time due to work or other reasons. Under normal circumstances, fresh milk can be stored in the refrigerator for24 hours. Fresh milk that has been kept for more than24 hours should not be given to babies. When reheating milk, make sure to warm it to a suitable temperature. Do not make it too hot as it will destroy the nutrients in the milk. If stored for too long, the nutrients in the milk may have been destroyed, and it is not suitable for babies to consume. You can discard the milk or give it to pets at home.

If refrigerated, milk stored in storage pouches can be preserved for approximately one week, and if frozen, it depends on the condition of the freezer. In general, milk can be kept frozen in the regular freezer section of a refrigerator for one to three months, and in a dedicated freezer, it can be kept frozen for six months. When reheating the milk, do not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, not 70 degrees Celsius. The best practice is to consume the milk as soon as possible to maintain its freshness.

Although the use of milk storage pouches is convenient for many breastfeeding mothers as milk can be expressed in advance and stored in the pouches to keep it fresh or refrigerated, it is important to note that there is a shelf life for milk stored in these pouches. Be aware of the freshness of the milk, and do not let it stay too long before giving it to your baby.

Proper storage method of milk storage pouches

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