How Do You Teach Your Baby to Drink Milk from a Bottle?

Sep 05,2022

When the baby drinks milk, the mother helps him hold the bottle for him to drink. Is there any way to let the baby drink milk from the bottle by himself?

Seeing that other people's babies will drink from the bottle, why can't my baby? Some parents want to know more about this situation, then read the following carefully.

When some mothers are reading books, they find that their baby will take an anti-colic feeding bottle at a certain stage, and they think that their baby must be able to take it, so as to force him to learn. This kind of thinking is actually wrong.

To train your baby to hold a feeding bottle, you should start with training your baby's grasping ability. Step by step is the key to success. Rushing for success will not only prevent your baby from learning how to hold a feeding bottle, but also make your baby feel bored with feeding bottles. 

1. When the baby wants to hold the anti-colic feeding bottle, he can be trained to hold the bottle

Most babies like to grab things when they are 4-5 months old, because at this time they are very curious about the outside world. Hand movements are divided into coarse movements and fine movements. Small muscle exercises such as grasping a feeding bottle are a type of fine movements.

Normally, when the baby is 6 months old, the development of the small muscles is generally mature, and the baby can hold the bottle well, but now many babies can't hold the yoboo bottle well after 6 or 7 months, the main reason is that the parents did not give it. The baby has enough stimulation.

Therefore, it is recommended that parents train their babies to hold the bottle by themselves. The timing should be right. When parents find out that the baby wants to hold the bottle, it means that the time has come. Now is the time to train the baby to learn to hold the bottle.

Ⅱ. 2 ways to teach your baby to take an anti-colic feeding bottle

1. The method of parental guidance: Most babies will crawl around when they are six or seven months old. Before the baby needs to drink milk, show him the bottle and let him reach out and hold it. It is a good way to get a bottle if you want to.

If parents choose to use this method after the baby has had enough to eat and drink, the effect will not be obvious, because it is difficult to stimulate the baby's urge to take an anti-colic feeding bottle at this time.

2. The method of objects attracting babies: people are attracted to beautiful things, and babies are no exception. Parents can use beautiful bottles to attract the baby's attention, which is also a good training method.

Moms can choose a bottle with bright colors or cute patterns to attract the baby's attention. Experts say that 6 months of age already have some concepts about color, so if there is a color that can arouse his interest, it will naturally inspire him to want to grab it willingly.

When choosing a feeding bottle, parents need to pay attention not to blindly choose a beautiful feeding bottle, but not to pay attention to the quality of the anti-colic feeding bottle. Quality problems will have a great impact on the baby's health.

3. The attitude of the parents is very important for the baby to learn to take the anti-colic feeding bottle

Most parents think that the baby is still young, and it is enough to take the bottle by himself, and that it is a natural thing for the baby to take the bottle. These ideas are wrong. The baby needs to be trained to take the bottle patiently.

When the baby learns several times and still can't, parents should not be angry or give up. Some parents let the baby learn to hold a bottle and always fail to learn, and even think that their baby is too stupid.

Parents should not be too hasty after encountering such a situation. They should have a calm and patient attitude, otherwise the baby will not only learn to take a yoboo bottle, but also have an unhealthy impact on his psychology.

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