How About Silicone Soothers?

Feb 06,2023

1. Are silicone soothers safe?


The soother is a baby product that directly contacts the baby's mouth, so it is very important. Many mothers want to know whether the silicone soother is toxic and whether it will produce toxic substances when bathed in hot water.


In fact, as long as you choose a bottle of good quality, the soother is generally very safe, and the material of the soother is also very reliable and will not be toxic.


Moreover, the commonly used soother materials are silicone. In fact, silicone is also a very good material. The yoboo off-center soothers and yoboo soothers are made of food-grade silicone material, which can be sterilized by high temperature, and is durable, soft and safe.


Therefore, when a child uses a silicone soother, there is no need to worry about what toxic substances the child will touch after biting the soother, so you can use it with confidence.


However, it is not ruled out that many unscrupulous merchants use some inferior materials to produce soothers. Therefore, when mothers buy baby bottles, they still have to go to regular supply stores to buy baby bottles for their children. Don't choose cheap and low quality soothers.


2. What is the difference between silicone soothers and latex soothers?


(1) Price positioning: Silicone soothers are high-end soothers, which are more expensive than latex soothers.


(2) Material: The raw material of the silicone soother is medical silicone rubber, which has been proved to be harmless to the human body by toxicological tests; the raw material of the latex soother is latex, and we also know that because of the natural material of latex, it may have some rubber taste.


(3) Safety: The silicone soother is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and has no peculiar smell when baby is sucking or chewing it in the mouth. It is basically safe to use the silicone soother for newborn products. Latex is prone to produce harmful substances after repeated sterilization in boiling water.


(4) Heat resistance: silicone rubber can maintain elasticity in an environment of one or two hundred degrees or minus 40 degrees. Therefore, you can repeatedly sterilize in boiling water.


The content of heavy metals and evaporation residues of silicone soothers is very low, and there is no soluble material when it is boiled for a long time. In the high temperature, the colloid of latex becomes very soft, and it is easy to produce odor, and inferior latex will produce toxins at high temperature.


(5) Elasticity: The latex soother has very good elasticity and is easy to return to its original state. It can resist pulling and is extremely elastic. Silicone soothers are not as elastic as latex soothers, and once the surface is damaged, it is easy to tear.


(6) Color: Latex soothers are usually yellow, and silicone soothers are usually colorless and transparent.


(7) Durability: Latex soothers have a short service life and are more prone to aging. The silicone soother will not harden or crack after long-term use or storage.

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