Do Not Use Newborn Wipes in These Three Situations!

Feb 06,2023

Newborn wipes are more convenient for us, especially for our babies. But if we take the baby out to play, the baby will not tell us that he wants to shit or something, and he just silently does it on the diaper.


At this time, we can rely on newborn wipes to scrub our baby's butt, but there are three cases where we should not use newborn wipes for babies.


Ⅰ. Three situations of not using newborn wipes


(1) Do not use newborn wipes when the weather is cold: newborn wipes are cool, and the temperature is relatively low in winter. Using newborn wipes may cause the baby to catch cold or have diarrhea. If you use it, you need to warm the newborn wipes first.


(2) Do not use newborn wipes on sensitive parts: no matter what kind of newborn product it is, it will contain some chemicals. Try not to use newborn wipes on the baby's private parts, eyes or wounds.


(3) When the baby has symptoms of discomfort, stop using the newborn wipes: some babies are more sensitive due to their delicate skin. If you find that the baby has symptoms of allergic red buttocks in the process of using the newborn wipes, you must stop using the newborn wipes, which may harm your baby over time.


Ⅱ. Several misunderstandings about newborn wipes


(1) Can newborn wipes take the place of hand washing?


The key to using newborn wipes is to relieve temporary needs, such as when you take your baby to play outdoors. But one thing you have to remember, even the highest quality newborn wipes cannot replace hand washing, which are two different levels of cleaning.


Washing hands is more effective at removing harmful bacteria from hands. So mothers should not be lazy, who should wash their babies' hands when they are at home, and don't rely entirely on newborn wipes.


In addition, mothers of babies who like to eat their hands should note that if you often use newborn wipes, the disinfectant on the newborn wipes can easily be eaten by the baby. In the long run, it will cause the alteration of intestinal flora and decrease in immunity, thus hurting the baby.


2. It doesn't matter if the opening is not tightly sealed


Most of the openings of newborn wipes have a closed design, and so is yoboo newborn wipe, which can prevent the moisture of newborn wipes from evaporating too quickly. But if the mother doesn't pay attention, she will ignore this point, take out the newborn wipes and forget to close it, and continue to take the top one next time.


In fact, this detail ignored by the mother is very important. If the opening is not tightly closed, it will not only evaporate the water of newborn wipes, and make the newborn wipes dry and rough, which cannot achieve the maximum effect of inhibiting bacteria, and may also be infected by bacteria in the outside air.


Therefore, in addition to choosing products with tight openings when purchasing, mothers should also pay attention to sealing the openings when using them.


3. Reuse a newborn wipe


Are newborn wipes reusable? Some mothers will have such a question: "the newborn wipes have only wiped the baby's hands once, the humidity is still high, and it is not dirty, so it should be no problem to save it for the next time, right?"


From the moment the newborn wipe leaves the package, it is destined to be used only once for the baby, which has already realized its own value!


To maximize the value of a newborn wipe, mothers can continue to wipe furniture, floors, toilets, etc. with newborn wipes.


But it is not recommended to use it to wipe baby toys, because you don't know whether your baby will treat his own toys as delicious food and put them in mouth, thereby indirectly getting bacterial infection.

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