Cleaning and Disinfection Methods for Electric Breast Milk Pump

Oct 01,2023

Many mothers find that after using a breast pump for a period of time, there is milk residue inside, especially in the rubber ball. They all want to know how to clean the breast pump.

Disinfection of breast pump for breastfeeding products

Generally, disinfection 1-2 times a day is sufficient. For mothers who have just given birth, the frequency of using a breast pump is relatively high (usually once every 2-3 hours), but it is not necessary to disinfect and clean it after each use. Excessive disinfection and cleaning can cause premature aging of accessories and shorten the service life of the breast pump. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the milk stains once a day and disinfect them with steam. During the intervals between pumping, please pay attention to the use of dust-proof accessories on the breast pump: funnel-shaped cover and pump cover. If pumping is for storage purposes, it is necessary to disinfect all accessories of breastfeeding products, otherwise the breast milk is prone to spoilage and difficult to store.

Cleaning method for breast pump of breastfeeding products

Breast milk contains a large amount of fat, which is easily left in the components of the breast pump after use of breastfeeding products. This may increase the friction between the components, making it slippery and affecting the suction. Therefore, please use a safe detergent that can dissolve fat to clean all accessories of the breast pump. This will help with the next use. After cleaning, it is recommended to use steam for comprehensive disinfection, which is the safest and most effective disinfection method and is more conducive to protecting the accessories.

How to use the breast pump of breastfeeding products

1. First, place one cover on one side of the breast, directly align the nipple with the hole in the cover, and make sure to use a cover that fits your nipple size. The automatic breast milk pump comes with a standard size cover.

2. Hold the cover firmly and place it securely on your breast, so that it fits closely with your skin. Now hold the bottle with one hand and turn on the machine with the other hand, simulating the way your baby sucks milk.

3. Use fast and shallow suction to stimulate your milk ejection reflex. Now that one side is already sucking, you can suck the other side. When you see milk starting to flow, you can lower the speed and increase the suction. If your milk does not flow, you can massage and squeeze your breast. If that doesn't work, try some sensory stimulation to help the milk flow smoothly.

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