yoboo begins focus on Philippines market

Nov 02,2021

yoboo: Find the balance between parenting and self-development, and commit to reducing the burden for love

MANILA, Philippines, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Breast milk is the best choice for feeding children. But most of the time, breastfeeding also means time occupation and distraction. Therefore, finding the balance between parenting and self-development has become the biggest problem for working mothers.

yoboo, as a mature, safe and reliable maternal brand, is determined to help mothers all over the world free their "breastfeeding time" through the application of science and technology, and realise every mother's good wish for self-development. At present, yoboo has established its own 'mums fan group' in Japan, which owns a variety of maternal products such as manual/electric breast pumps, baby bottles, baby wipes and baby food processer. This time, the brand will focus on the Philippines market to deepen the field of maternal products, and devote itself to optimising breastfeeding with scientific concepts and technologies to provide safer and more practical maternal products to Southeast Asian consumers.

With regard to scientific breast feeding, breast pump and baby bottle have always been indispensable objects. yoboo electric breast pump adopts Japanese Spiral-Flow lactation technology, which massages the breast from the upper skin at multiple points synchronously for several seconds, and then moves to the next multiple points, thus increasing the times of milk reflux and regulating breast health, and helping every mother avoid the trouble of mammary gland blockage. At the same time, compared with other breast pumps in the market, yoboo breast pump supports the direct connection of the breast milk storage bag, which makes the whole process of pumping and storage more sanitary and safer, and makes every mother feel more at ease.In the near future, the Yoboo brand will also appear in the Philippine market to help more mothers.

2021 is also the twelfth year after the establishment of yoboo. From the single product at the beginning to the current maternal product matrix, this is a team caring for mothers, relying on their passion and professionalism, occupying a place in the maternal and baby-care market, bringing forth the new and creating an environment for mothers all over the world to raise their baby without burden.

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