Wipes for Newborn Knowledge Popularization

Sep 15,2023

Often hear mothers say that their children have red buttocks again, it must be because they bought fake diapers, otherwise, how could they still have red buttocks when they use big brand diapers. What mothers don't know is that bad newborn wipes are also important causes of baby's red buttocks. Now let's understand together the misconceptions about wet wipes and what kind of wet wipes are good wet wipes.

Misconception: The higher the water content of wet wipes for newborn, the better the quality

Many mothers believe that the more moisture in newborn wipes, the better the quality, but this is a big misconception. According to the production standards of wet wipes, those with excessive water content are substandard. This completely subverts our perception. However, it is true. Excessive water content is prone to breed bacteria, while too low water content results in poor cleaning effect. Good wet wipes should have moderate moisture content, and the water content of each piece should be suitable for one-time use.

In a famous high-end wet wipes production line in Japan, the last step on the assembly line is actually an electronic scale, and all the packaged finished products are weighed uniformly. Those that are 10g short or 30g over are considered substandard and will be transported to the substandard box. Only wet wipes with the right weight can continue to enter the carton for packaging and sealing. The Japanese engineers on-site were very certain and said that overweight wet wipes are considered substandard and will be directly destroyed. The explanation is that excessive weight indicates excessive water content, which will definitely breed bacteria and have a significant impact on the quality of the product. So, really, more water is not better. Mothers must pay attention and be careful not to use the weighing method to select newborn wipes.

Misconception: Thick, unbreakable wet wipes are good wet wipes for newborn

Whether it can be torn or not has nothing to do with thickness, but mainly with the texture. Mothers don't have to worry about whether non-woven fabric or wood pulp paper is better, nor do they have to think that the thicker the better. Wet wipes that are moderately thin, thick enough, and soft are the best choice. Because the baby's skin is not fully developed and is very sensitive, soft wet wipes cause less harm to the baby's skin. Since too thin wipes are easy to dirty the hand, it is recommended to choose the thickened version when choosing the popular Japanese wipes.

Misconception: Only natural, chemical-free wet wipes for newborn are good

From the questionnaire survey, only 26% of mothers pay attention to the ingredients when choosing wet wipes. Obviously, wipes for newborn are the most important but easily overlooked part for mothers. Among the 26% of mothers who pay attention to the ingredients, most of them are still not clear and don't understand the ingredients. Their requirement for ingredients is to choose wet wipes that do not contain chemical substances. There are some articles and many evaluation reports on the internet that teach everyone not to choose wet wipes with preservatives. Is this correct? Now, very responsibly, we will tell everyone that these statements are wrong. From the labels, the brand's ingredient labels are relatively simple, and even for big brands, the ingredient labels are not very complete. Some small brands even have no specific ingredients marked, they just use non-woven fabric and purified water. On the other hand, looking at products from Japan and Korea, the ingredients are marked in great detail, and almost all the ingredients used are clearly labeled, many of which are chemical ingredients that we have never heard of.

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