What's the Reason for the Bad Milking?

Jun 10,2023

Many new and expectant mothers don't know much about breastfeeding. In fact, milking during lactation is an important part of breastfeeding.

If the mother has plenty of milk, milking can prevent milk clogging and breast clumping; In cases where the mother's milk is not abundant, milking can store precious breast milk and give it to the baby when he is hungry.

In a word, milking can not only feed the baby when he is hungry, but also can stimulate the mother's breast, make the production capacity of breast milk gradually increase, and also can avoid the mother's painful mastitis.

But it's not easy for every mother in terms of milking. Here are some of the reasons why breastfeeding can be a hassle, and some suggestions on how to deal with them.

1. Milk production decreases

Be sure to put yourself in a relaxed state when milking. You can also gently massage your breasts or apply a hot compress before milking.

2. The interval between the last milking is too short

If the mother has recently milked or the baby has sucked too much milk, it is possible to squeeze less after a while, but don't worry too much about the best time to milk, but pay attention to whether you are having trouble milking.

3. The setting of electric breast milk pump is wrong

If the suction pressure of the electric breast milk pump is too low or the circulation speed is too fast, it can be difficult to get enough milk, but in some cases the pump may not provide the right pumping mode no matter how you adjust it.

4. The milk is insufficient

There are many reasons for insufficient milk, including not taking regular care, not drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, and some medications, such as decongestants and estrogen, may also inhibit milk production.

5. The effect of electric breast milk pump is not very good

Some mothers use an electric breast milk pump, but the working effect is not very good. If the gear adjustment and multi-function design is not perfect, it is difficult to get enough breast milk. High-quality, double-power yoboo electric breast milk pump can be used to achieve a great pumping effect.

6. The aperture of horn cover of electric breast milk pump is too small

This is a common problem because most breast milk pumps come with horn covers specifically designed for women with smaller breasts.

If the horn cover of the breast milk pump is too small and the nipples start to swell once you start pumping, you're likely not getting enough milk.

Many companies of electric breast milk pump machine now make slightly larger horn covers, so mom can choose the size that suits her.

If you are having problems with milking, see a lactation consultant or talk to someone with experience who may be able to help.

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