The Difference between Wipes for Newborn and Regular Wet Wipes

Nov 17,2023

Baby wipes are specifically designed for babies and are different from regular wipes. Below we will introduce the differences between wet wipes for newborn and regular wipes. Can wet wipes for newborn be used to wipe the eyes?

Differences between wet wipes for newborn and regular wipes

Baby wipes are specially designed for babies, and compared to adult wipes, wet wipes for newborn have higher requirements because babies' skin is very delicate and prone to allergies.

Baby wipes can be divided into regular wipes and hand and mouth wipes. Regular wet wipes for newborn are usually used to wipe the baby's buttocks, while hand and mouth wipes are specifically used to wipe the baby's mouth and hands.

The wipes used by babies are generally used for cleaning and taking care of their delicate skin. The main ingredient in wipes is purified water that has been treated, and then some nourishing ingredients that are gentle and safe for the baby's skin are added.

The wet wipes for newborn used by babies must absolutely not contain alcohol, soap, or other ingredients that can cause allergies. Some high-quality and thoughtful wipes also consider the problem of diaper rash in young babies and add ingredients that can prevent it. In addition, good-quality wipes will not shed fibers after use.

In the hot summer, if the baby's buttocks are not cleaned in time after urination or defecation, it is easy to be irritated by feces or urine, resulting in diaper rash. Therefore, wipes with strong cleaning power, gentle and comfortable texture, and even anti-allergic ingredients have become essential and preferred products for mothers.

If mothers have no experience, they can choose brands that have been established for a longer time and have a good reputation. Some brands have a long history in the maternal and child products industry and have a rich and mature product line, while others are specialized companies that focus on producing safe and clean products for infants and young children. Therefore, considering the quality, the product quality and integrity of these brands are top-notch. Besides, mothers can also try them out for themselves, after all, the final result depends on whether it is suitable for their own baby.

Can wet wipes for newborn be used to wipe the eyes?

It is best to choose individually packaged wipes, so as to maintain the moisturizing and disinfecting effects of wet wipes for newborn as much as possible. After extracting a sheet from non-individually packaged wipes, the sealing strip should be immediately closed to avoid drying of the wipes due to high temperature or direct sunlight, which may affect their effectiveness.

Using regular wipes may damage delicate facial skin. If you want to use wipes to clean the face, you must see the words "can be used to clean the face" on the outer packaging of the wipes.

In order to minimize skin irritation, it is best to choose fragrance-free wipes, especially for sensitive skin.

Even the best wipes cannot prevent the occurrence of eye diseases. Even if the eyes are very dry, wipes should not be used to wipe them. It is better to have a handkerchief ready or use a dry tissue with a moderate amount of moisture. It is best not to use wipes to wipe the eyes.

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