How to Let Baby Love to Use Anti Colic Feeding Bottle?

Mar 10,2023

Babies who have been breastfed since birth have become familiar with their mothers' nipples and are used to the smell of their mothers, so they don't like to drink from anti colic feeding bottles.

Trying to get the baby who is used to breast milk to fall in love with the anti colic feeding bottle is a very troublesome thing. If the baby rejects the bottle, what should mom and dad do?

Ⅰ. Psychological preparation

Babies who have been breastfed since birth often do not like bottles, mainly because the baby has become familiar with the mother's nipples, but also used to the mother's body smell, which is not the same as eating a bottle.

It is a very troublesome thing to let the baby who has been eating breast milk fall in love with the anti colic feeding bottle, which requires the baby to pay the price of crying and starving.

Ⅱ. The choice of timing

Getting a baby to accept a bottle is a gradual process that requires gradual training. Mother don't worry about it. Enough patience and long-term attitude are important.

When your baby is hungry, train him to drink from a bottle. It's best to choose a time when your baby is in a happy mood. Don't let your baby drink from a bottle when he or she is crying or sick.

At this time it is basically not successful. If the baby is forced to drink milk with a bottle, it will make the baby hate the anti colic feeding bottle. It's best to let your baby try to drink from a bottle, and it's better to be able to work on it with two people so that it's less tiring and easier to succeed.

When breast-feeding the baby, the mother and the baby have a tacit understanding and trust. Therefore, at the beginning, the best is to let the mother use the bottle for feeding, and the baby is easy to accept.

But we should pay attention to the change of feeding posture to make the baby realize that drinking milk with a bottle is not the same as drinking breast milk. If the baby is more sensitive, you can use breast feeding first, and then change to bottle feeding when the baby is sleepy.

Ⅲ. The training of anti colic feeding bottle

(1) Feed water from a bottle

The baby does not like the bottle feeding, how should the mother do? When breastfeeding, the baby also needs to drink water, so it is best to use the bottle to feed water, so as to slowly cultivate the baby's feelings on the bottle.

(2) Taste the pacifier

No matter how realistic the pacifier is, babies will feel different from their mother's nipples when they suck.

So it is best to be able to buy the pacifier that is closest to the nipple, and open wide the pacifier, so that milk is easier to leak into the mouth. Let the baby feel the benefits of sucking with the pacifier, so that the child will slowly accept it.

The baby who is used to the nipple will not accept the gum pacifier. You can try feeding little by little with a small cup and spoon to let your baby get rid of the nipple illusion first, and in time he will slowly accept something other than the nipple to drink milk.

(3) Familiar face for breastfeeding

In the beginning, the mother can store the breast milk in the newborn anti colic bottle. When the baby is hungry, let the people who is familiar with the baby to feed him, which can reduce the panic brought to the baby by the change of feeding method.

Another tip is that a little bit of breast milk can be smeared on the pacifier, which will enable the baby to get into the role quickly.

(4) Train in time

Babies who have been breastfed will instinctively reject the pacifier. To prevent such things from happening, it is best for new mothers to be able to start interspersing regular bottle feedings three weeks before their babies are weaned.

4. Feeding posture cannot be forgotten

When feeding with an anti colic feeding bottle, be sure to adopt a position that makes the baby feel comfortable, usually in a sitting position, with one hand holding the baby in your arms and letting the baby's upper body lean into the crook of your elbow, so that the baby's entire body shows a 45° tilt.

Then hold the bottle in the other hand, put it to the baby's mouth and let the baby suck on it. If mom and dad want to let the baby accept the pacifier as soon as possible, they should use the right method, and do not blindly let the baby use the bottle too much.

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