Painless Electric Milk Pump: Solving Multiple Breastfeeding Difficulties with One Move

Dec 01,2023

Not only can breastfeeding help mothers regain their figures and recover their uteruses, but it can also enhance the baby's immune system and promote the development of their muscles and brain. So, many mothers choose to breastfeed after giving birth. However, mothers often encounter problems such as breast deformation, swelling, low milk supply, and acute mastitis during the breastfeeding process. Therefore, many mothers want to buy an electric breast milk pump to help them express milk and relieve engorgement. Although the needs of mothers are already clear, they often don't know how to choose from the various styles and complex functions of electric breast milk pumps in the market. So today, we bring you relevant knowledge about electric breast milk pumps, hoping to help mothers choose a suitable breast pump for themselves and have a smooth breastfeeding period.

Electric breast milk pumps use patented pulsation technology:

An electric breast milk pump with an anti-torsion bottle can help massage the breasts to clear blocked ducts and increase milk production. Moreover, when the breast pump massages the breasts, it uses high-frequency micro-vibration massage, with a small pulling amplitude. Therefore, mothers will not feel uncomfortable when using the breast pump to massage their breasts and can use it with confidence.

Electric breast milk pumps use dual-frequency lactation technology:

Many mothers experience milk engorgement during the breastfeeding period, which can be very uncomfortable. An electric breast milk pump with an electric milk pump uses dual-frequency lactation technology, making it easy to express high-nutrition hindmilk. When we turn on the electric breast milk pump, it automatically enters the milk stimulation mode, stimulating the mammary glands and causing milk letdown. It then gradually enters the milk expression mode, helping mothers solve engorgement problems in one go and easily express hindmilk. Moreover, the electric breast milk pump also offers a variety of lactation and expressing combination modes, allowing mothers to choose the most suitable mode for themselves.

Electric breast milk pumps also support alternating bilateral expressing:

Compared to simultaneous expressing on both sides, single-sided expressing allows for more concentrated suction, and the other breast can get sufficient rest until it fills up again before expressing milk. Therefore, alternating bilateral expressing can effectively improve expressing efficiency to some extent, making mothers' breasts more comfortable. In addition, during the expressing process, if mothers feel uncomfortable, the electric breast milk pump can also support one-key pause, and when we open the electric breast milk pump again, it will automatically restore to the original settings. Therefore, for mothers during the breastfeeding period, electric breast milk pumps are truly considerate designs that can take care of their unstable emotions.

In addition, the anti-torsion bottle is also a rechargeable electric breast milk pumping machine that can be used continuously for 3-4 times when fully charged, which can fully meet the needs of mothers for a day. Moreover, it adopts patented anti-overflow technology to prevent breast milk overflow and protect the main unit. In conclusion, the electric breast milk pump is a very good electric breast milk pump that can considerately help mothers solve various breastfeeding problems. So, if you also like electric breast milk pumps, you might as well give it a try.

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