Electric Breast pump: a Good Helper for Mom

Dec 29,2021

Breastfeeding can bring you great fun, especially when the child is 6-12 months old. This kind of fun is unique and different from other kinds of fun.

But now, even though working mothers cannot be with their children often, electric Breast pumps and breast pumps can also achieve the goal of breastfeeding their children.

The electric Breast pump and breast pump are designed to allow mothers to breastfeed at any time. It enables mothers to store the expressed breast milk in the refrigerator, and then put it in the bottle to feed the child.

1. Proper electric Breast pump and breast pump

You can choose a cheap manual breast pump that costs $15 or a more advanced electric breast pump that costs $150 or more. It depends on personal preferences and economic conditions.

If you plan to use it for a few months and time is limited, it is recommended to use the largest professional automatic breast milk pump. Although the model is large and inconvenient to carry, the speed is fast.

These breast pumps can be rented in hospitals or breastfeeding centers. Although these breast pumps are used to extract breast milk for breastfeeding, they are particularly useful when the baby is a premature infant and cannot actively pump breast milk.

The latest electric Breast pump is fast, quiet, and convenient to use when pumping. Yoboo's one-stop breast pump integrates breast pumping, milk storage, and breastfeeding to ensure hygiene while cherishing every drop of precious breast milk and nutrition. Yoboo's multi-stage massage electric breast pump is easy to carry and is especially useful for mothers who need to pump milk at work.

If you only need to pump the milk once, for example, if you plan to leave for a day or two, you can directly squeeze the breast with your hands into a container, without a breast pump at all.

2. The right way to store breast milk that sucked by the electric Breast pump

Although breastfeeding is the first step in feeding a child, it is only half of the task. For most mothers, the greater challenge is to prevent the breast milk that is expressed from going bad before feeding.

You need to put breast milk in the refrigerator immediately. If this is not possible, follow the tips: Store in a cool environment where the temperature is below 15°C, so that the Breast pumped by the portable Breast pump can be stored for at least 24 hours without a refrigerator.

When the temperature is 18-22°C, breast milk can be kept fresh for at least 10 hours. When the temperature is higher than 26°C, breast milk can only be kept fresh for 4-6 hours. At high temperatures, you need ice cubes to keep breast milk fresh.

Although it is better to feed a child immediately after pumping, breast milk can be kept for several days in the freeze. The earlier you feed, the better its nutritional value can be guaranteed.

If some women cannot feed their children while they are at work, the Breast pumped by the refrigerated portable Breast pump for the child is better than the infant fluid (used to replace breast milk).

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