Do You Know the Proper Use of Infant Hand Wipes Wipes?

Oct 04,2023

Can infant hand wipes be used every day?

Different parts of the body should be treated differently. infant hand wipes can be used every day, but should be used differently depending on the area being cleaned or you may end up with baby skin intolerance and diaper rash. If you are at home, it is recommended to wash your baby's face and hands with clean water. But for the buttocks, it is different. As anyone who has had a child knows, newborn babies' "pee" and "poo" can be described as a constant stream. If you use water to wash every time, it is not only troublesome, but also may cause the baby to catch a cold from frequent dressing and undressing. Therefore, using wipes to clean the baby's buttocks at home is no problem. If you can use diaper cream together, that's even better. Be sure to wait for the baby's butt to dry or wipe it dry before using a diaper.

What should I do if using infant hand wipes causes diaper rash?

Choose a suitable wipe and do not wipe too hard. On the one hand, some wipes contain chemicals such as preservatives and moisturizers, which can irritate the delicate skin of the baby. In addition, if the wipes are not soft enough it can cause damage to the baby's buttocks. Some moms are afraid of not cleaning thoroughly, so they use too much force that the delicate baby skin cannot bear, which increases the risk of diaper rash. Therefore, if you find that diaper rash is caused by using wipes, first stop using that product, switch to cleaning with water, use some diaper cream, and then choose a new infant hand wipes product.

It is best to try infant hand wipes on the back of the baby's hand before using them to see if there are any allergic reactions. Of course, some first-time users may be fine, but after long-term use, skin intolerance phenomena may occur, so observation should be performed regularly. Second, do not choose wipes that are too dry, which not only have poor cleaning power but also challenge the delicate little buttocks. Finally, do not use too much force when cleaning, as the baby's skin is very fragile.

What kind of infant hand wipes are more suitable?

Look at the material and composition. When choosing a baby wipe, the material and components must be understood. At present, the materials used by relatively good brands can meet the needs of babies. Parents can choose a suitable wipes product based on personal preferences and the condition of the baby's skin. But softness is essential. The composition of the wipes is also very important. When purchasing, please check the product ingredient list. In general, the simpler the ingredient list of the infant hand wipes, the better. Wipes that contain alcohol, fragrances, or fluorescent agents should be avoided.

As we all know, children's skin is much more delicate than adults and because of their curiosity with the world, children prefer to explore with their hands, making their bodies often easily dirty. Therefore, infant hand wipes are very effective for cleaning your baby's body, whether wiping hands, feet, or cleaning up after using the toilet. Children's skin is prone to dryness, so besides drinking more water to replenish body fluids, using regular tissue to wipe hands and feet during autumn and winter or seasonal transitions can easily damage their delicate skin. Therefore, when choosing to use infant hand wipes, you need to choose ones that can keep the skin moist for a long time and have a moisturizing effect on your baby's skin.

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