Do Breast Pumps Need to be Disinfected Daily?

Jun 29,2023

A breast pump can help working mothers realize their breastfeeding wishes and also help moms who are separated from their babies due to premature births, neonatal jaundice, aspiration pneumonia, or other reasons during hospitalization maintain normal milk production levels through stimulating suction. The use of a breast pump can also achieve a better effect with less effort during milk collection. For most moms, a breast pump is essential. So, how do you use an automatic breast milk pump? Do you need to sterilize it every day?

Use of breast pump feeding products

Place the suction shield of the breast pump on the breasts, ensuring that the nipples can move freely inside the tube and only a small amount of areola enters the tube. First use the stimulation mode of the breast pump, which belongs to a low vacuum state and fast suction mode, and then switch to the expression mode when you feel letdown. The expression mode is a slow suction mode with a stronger negative pressure. After expressing one letdown, continue to pump for 1-2 minutes. If there is no second letdown, you can stop expressing milk.

Cleaning of breast pump feeding products

Before cleaning the breast pump feeding products, confirm which parts need to be cleaned and disassemble them. Some parts, if cannot be disassembled for cleaning, will create dead corners for sanitation, such as interfaces, threaded connections, and curved pipes. Rinse all parts that have contact with breast milk as soon as possible with cold water to avoid breast milk adhering to the breast pump as much as possible. Thoroughly brush all parts with dish soap and hot water. Rinse the parts with hot water at least twice to avoid residue of dish soap. Place the clean parts on clean kitchen paper or a clean towel and wait for them to dry naturally; Alternatively, use clean paper towels to wipe them dry, but do not use towels, which may contain bacteria and microorganisms.

Sterilization of breast pump feeding products

If the baby is healthy and full-term, the mother's breast pump does not need special sterilization, but it needs to be cleaned and dried. Extra sterilization is crucial for premature babies or babies with low immunity due to illness and treatment.Automatic breast milk pumps can be sterilized in two ways: steam sterilization using microwave or plug-in steam systems, or boiling sterilization by putting the disassembled items in a container, covering them with water, and boiling the water for 5 minutes. Then use clean tongs to remove the above items.

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