Do Baby Bottles Have an Expiration Date?

Sep 12,2022

The hygiene of the anti-colic bottle used by the baby needs special attention, because the bottle is in direct contact with the baby.

If the baby uses the bottle for a long time without proper disinfection, even if the surface is clean, the hygiene is not guaranteed. It must be thoroughly sterilized before using it for the baby. The bottle also has a shelf life.

1. The material of the anti-colic milk bottle is different, and the shelf life is also different

The common materials of baby bottles in major supermarkets and mother and baby stores include plastic baby bottles, glass baby bottles and stainless steel baby bottles. The three types of baby bottles are made of different materials and have different shelf lives.

The shelf life of plastic milk bottles is generally 3 years, and the use time of glass bottles will be longer, but after using anti-colic milk bottles for a long time, it is recommended to buy a new milk bottle, which is healthier and easier for children to suck.

Because the anti-colic bottle nipple is prone to aging after multiple sucking, it is best to change the anti-colic bottle nipple every three months.

2. The anti-colic bottle appears fine lines

If there are fine lines on the surface of the bottle, you can't ignore it. This is a safety hazard, and the scratches can easily become larger due to the temperature of the milk.

Moreover, the scratches are also a good place to hide dirt. Any cleaning method may make the newborn anti-colic bottle unsanitary. At this time, it will be safer to replace a feeding bottle.

3. Replace the milk scale of the anti-colic bottle when it is not easy to clean

The bottle is easy to form a yellow substance under the long-term milk powder, and there will be residual odor, which affects the appetite of the babies.

It is recommended that mothers pay special attention when cleaning the feeding bottle. When there is a lot of milk scale and it is difficult to clean it, it is an important "sign" that the baby needs to be replaced with a new feeding bottle.

It is best for new mothers to prepare two anti-colic feeding bottles for their children, one for drinking water and the other for feeding the baby. When choosing the material of the feeding bottle, it is best to choose a glass bottle.

Because glass bottles are safer and more hygienic, and are better than plastic in terms of abrasion resistance and heat resistance, but glass bottles are more suitable for feeding at home. If you want to travel, it is recommended to choose plastic bottles, which are light and easy to carry.

The round anti-colic bottle is more suitable for young babies, such as 0~3 months old babies. The round bottle is smooth and the liquid flows smoothly, which is convenient for babies to suck. Larger bottles can be used to store breast milk.

Babies eat well and their bodies are naturally healthy. For young children, a newborn anti-colic bottle that is suitable for them is very important.

This will not only affect their appetite, but also the amount of food they eat. When choosing a bottle for their children, mothers should comprehensively consider their age in months and the amount of milk they eat.

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