Do Children Really Need Calcium Supplements?

Nov 01,2021

Do children really need calcium supplements? Before this topic, let's talk about the calcium levels that children of all ages need every day.

0~6 months (200mg/d): The breast milk or formula can meet your child's calcium needs.

7~12 months (250mg/d): About 600ml of breast milk or formula per day can meet your child's calcium needs.

1~3 years old (600mg/d): About 300ml of yogurt or milk per day, coupled with a reasonable daily diet, can meet your child's calcium needs.

Are the children's problems we often encounter all due to calcium deficiency?

For example, rib flare: In fact, due to the special physiological structure of infants and young children, both diaphragm muscle traction and abdominal respiration may lead to different degrees of rib flare. From the lying position to walking upright, it may also cause rib flare. This really has nothing to do with calcium deficiency.

Besides, for adults or children, as long as they have leg cramps, the first thing comes into their mind is calcium deficiency. However, cold, fatigue, poor blood flow, excessive sweating and local compression can also cause leg cramps. Moreover, if leg cramps repeatedly attack, you shall be alert to certain vasculopathies and neuropathies. Do not accept calcium supplement blindly, which may result in delay in diagnosis and treatment.

Although most children do not need additional calcium supplement, regular monitoring by nutrition clinic is recommended if there are premature babies, infirm children, or children with certain chronic conditions in your family. For children who are very picky about food, their calcium needs cannot be met from diets, then additional calcium supplement can be considered.

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