Correct usage methods of breast milk storage bags

May 26,2023

When breastfeeding, many new moms find themselves with leftover breastmilk that their babies don't finish. To avoid wasting that precious milk, some moms use storage containers to store it for later use. Others may have to return to work and cannot breastfeed their babies on demand, so they store their milk in containers for convenience. Whatever the reason, storage containers are essential for many moms. Currently, the most popular storage container on the market is breast milk storage bags. But do you know how to use them correctly?

Here are some instructions for the correct use of breast milk storage bags:

1. Before using a storage bag, make sure your hands are clean. Then tear open the safety seal at the top of the bag, and gently pull open the zipper without touching the inside of the bag to avoid contamination.

2. Open the zipper seal, and widen the opening. Use your breast pump to express milk into the breast milk storage bag. After filling the bag, remove any air inside the bag, and zip the double zipper seal. Mark the time and date, and store it in the refrigerator (2-4°C) for 2-4 days, or in the freezer for up to one month.

3. When ready to use the milk, heat it in warm water or a bottle warmer. Turn the bag upside down and cut along the dotted line. Pour the milk into a bottle and discard the bag. Make sure you sterilize the scissors used to cut the bag.

These are the basic steps for correctly using breast milk storage bags, which can help prevent contamination. Moms should purchase storage containers based on their needs and budget.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using breast milk storage bags:

1. The bags should remain sterile. Do not blow into them after opening the safety seal, as the bags are sterilized with gamma radiation. They are disposable and should not be reused.

2. Read the instructions carefully before using any feeding or storage product. Pay attention to the maximum storage capacity of each bag, as breast milk expands when frozen. Do not exceed the maximum amount. To prevent leaking, store the bags flat in a plastic container, and use a paper towel to absorb any moisture on the bottom of the container.

These are some things you should keep in mind when using breast milk storage bags. When purchasing them, try to choose brands that are trustworthy and reputable. These brands generally have better sterilization procedures and can help prevent milk contamination. Finally, try to store the milk in portions that match your baby's feeding needs to avoid wasting any milk.

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