Can Breast Milk Storage Bags be Used? Is it Necessary to Use Breast Milk Storage Bags?

May 19,2023

Many new mothers have heard that they need to prepare milk storage bags after giving birth, but many new mothers don't have any experience using them and don't know if they really need them. So, is it necessary to use milk storage bags?

1. Milk storage bags are one type of equipment used to store milk that helps mothers store ample breast milk.

When mothers and babies are temporarily separated, babies don't need any other food. Mothers can express milk when their milk supply is ample and store it in milk storage bags, refrigerating or freezing it for future use when their milk supply is insufficient or when they can't breastfeed their baby on time due to work or other reasons.

Milk storage bags are generally used more often by back-carrying mothers. As they have less idle time in the office, milk storage bags help them store more milk more quickly. Extra milk can be stored in milk storage bags and taken home to feed the baby after work. However, it's important to keep the milk refrigerated after storing it in milk storage bags to prevent bacteria growth or spoilage. Also, mothers who cannot breastfeed their baby at home due to work often use milk storage bags to store breast milk for the baby's feeding.

Therefore, it is apparent that not all mothers need to buy milk storage bags. Milk storage bags are necessary for back-carrying mothers or mothers who cannot be with their babies due to other factors. However, if you are a homemaker who can be with your baby frequently, purchasing feeding product milk storage bags is unnecessary.

2. Choosing the size of milk storage bags.

The specific size of milk storage bags depends on the actual situation. On the market, milk storage bags are available in various sizes of 100ml, 150ml, 180ml, 200ml, 250ml, and 300 ml. Generally, after two months of delivery, mothers' milk production is ample, so it is best to select a suitable size to store breast milk. Taking the 180ml milk storage bag of a particular brand as an example, is this volume too large and wasteful? The answer is no. According to research statistics, among breastfeeding mothers who are more than two months postpartum, as many as 75% of mothers pump and take out a single breastfeeding amount between 150-200 milliliters. This means that this size is the most suitable for most people. Even for mothers whose milk production falls outside of this range, it is simple - just use one bag for smaller amounts, or take two bags for larger amounts.

When storing breast milk in feeding product milk storage bags, it's essential to understand how long the breast milk can be stored in different temperature environments. Otherwise, it would be a waste if the milk goes past its expiration date without being used. In addition, it is recommended that the breast milk bags be stored in the refrigerator in order by date, using the first ones that were stored first. A special reminder is that when sealing the milk storage bags preparing to put them in the freezer, be sure to wipe the moisture off the bags to prevent them from sticking to other items after freezing.

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