Breast Pump Machine Electric Makes Breastfeeding Easier

Dec 29,2021

1. Benefits of the breast pump machine electric

Many mothers don't know that the breast pump machine electric is a necessity in the delivery bag. Because whether you choose a cesarean section or a normal delivery, you have to prepare for breastfeeding.

Breast milk is a natural "golden food" for babies, and breastfeeding is also an important way for babies to eat a healthy diet advocated worldwide. Breast milk contains abundant nutrients and immune substances that are suitable for infants to digest.

The breast pump machine electric is not only economical and convenient, but it can also promote the recovery of the mother's postpartum body and reduce the incidence of certain diseases.

Most mothers face a problem after giving birth to a baby, that is, not enough milk. At this time, doctors, nurses, experts, relatives, and friends will tell you an approach to make your baby suck more.

Of course, this point of view is correct, because the mother's brain will receive the breastfeeding signal during the baby's sucking process, and then will give the order to start producing milk.

In other words, the more frequently the baby sucks, the more signals the mother receives, and the more milk is secreted.

However, babies are not so strong when they are born. When they suck for a while and find that there is no milk, they will stop sucking, or because they are tired, they will stop sucking too, and then go to sleep.

If this continues, it will enter a vicious circle, and the mother will not be able to secrete milk quickly if she does not get effective "feeding stimulation".

To solve this problem, you need to use a breast pump machine electric, which can stimulate the baby's sucking and give the mother "feeding stimulation".

2. How to choose the breast pump machine electric?

In the past, the most traditional breast pump was the "manual massage breast pump", which needed to be gripped constantly to generate suction and pump out the milk.

However, this method is not easy to carry out. If it is too fast, the suction will be large and will hurt mothers. If it is too slow, the suction will be small and the milk will not be able to be sucked out. Moreover, manual operation every day is really exhausting.

Therefore, now everyone is using the breast pump machine electric, the operation is very simple. By pushing a button, you can achieve automatic breast pumping, mother only needs to hold the machine, it can be done in a few minutes.

There are many brands of breast pump machine electrics on the market, with prices ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan. Novice mothers must be confused. If you want to buy a breast pump machine electric that is cost-effective and has a good experience, you have to ask experienced ones.

The Yoboo breast pump machine electric has three modes: massage, lactation, and breast pumping. In the milking stage, through the mode of lactation, the milk can be drawn out quickly. When the milk is blocking, the massage mode can relieve the pain faster and keep the milk smooth.

The multi-stage suction power is adjustable, so moms don't have to worry about the suction power is too big and they can't stand it. In the process of breast pumping, the electric breast milk pump can be adjusted slowly from low to high according to your own feelings, including acceptance, to find your comfortable point, and it would be better to breastfeed comfortably.

The food-grade liquid silicone material fits the chest 360 degrees, simulating the real sucking of the baby, and allowing you to experience the breastfeeding experience. Simulate the baby's breast-pumping rhythm, massage the breast first, then pump the breast regularly, and suck the foremilk and after-milk at one time, so that balance the milk nutrition.

Because of the silent device, the working decibel of the electric breast milk pump is only 40~50dB, so it will not disturb the sleeping baby when pumping at night. At the same time, a night light is designed to facilitate the mother's clearer operation at night.

In addition, it can be charged in advance, and it can be used 3 to 4 times after being fully charged. It is wireless, which is really convenient.

It has an anti-reverse flow design, double protection of airbag + return valve, blocking the backflow of milk, the milk will not flow back to the host, preventing secondary pollution of the milk. The whole body is washable except the main unit, and other accessories of the electric breast pump can be cleaned and disinfected.

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