5 Common Breastfeeding Positions

Dec 29,2021

We all know that there are many breastfeeding positions, especially after the baby has learned to suck independently, no matter which position the mother uses, the baby can eat.

Yoboo will share several breastfeeding positions with you today. It does not mean that you must use them, but these are the basic breastfeeding positions that most mothers usually use when they start to practice breastfeeding. At the same time, picking a Yoboo breast pump with gentle and good suction power will make the whole breast pumping process more effective.

There are techniques to pay attention to when using every different posture. Different positions are suitable for different situations. For example, some positions are suitable for caesarean section, premature babies, inverted nipples, or twins, etc.

Ⅰ. One of the breastfeeding positions: cradle

This position is the most common breastfeeding position in our lives, but this is more suitable for babies who have mature milking skills.

The advantage of the cradle breastfeeding position is that we can breastfeed anytime, anywhere, whether we are on a chair, on a bed, outdoors, or outdoors.

No matter which position we use to breastfeed, there are 4 steps to pay attention to:

1. First of all, we have to find a comfortable breastfeeding position by ourselves. We need to find a place with a backrest and armrests.

If not, we should at least find a pillow or anything else that we can support our arms, such as our coat. The purpose is to minimize the weight of our arms to support the baby.

2. The baby's posture. The baby's belly should get close to the mother's, and then the baby's nose should be aimed at our nipple, and our elbow joint should drag the baby's head and neck.

If the baby still has some room to turn his head, and then we have to line up the baby's body with the head in a straight line, not the head and the body are skewed.

3. We must pay attention to whether feeding the baby correctly. If the breastfeeding position is wrong, we must adjust it by pulling the upper lip or lightly pressing the chin.

4. After we finish the three steps, check again whether our breastfeeding position is comfortable and relaxed, whether our arms are adequately supported, whether we use force, whether our shoulders are arched, or whether we can lay down.

Ⅱ. One of the breastfeeding positions: cross cradle

The advantage of this posture is that we can see the baby and it is easier to adjust and control our own breasts and nipples.

Ⅲ. One of the breastfeeding positions: rugby

The advantage of this position is that it is very suitable for the first few days of caesarean section. It is also suitable for use when the baby needs assistance while breastfeeding. This position is also conducive to breastfeeding twins.

The benefit of the rugby breastfeeding position is that the baby will not touch the mother's cesarean section during breastfeeding. At the same time, we can clearly see the baby's breastfeeding process in case of the baby needs assistance with breastfeeding.

Ⅳ. One of the breastfeeding positions: reclining

Use the biologically intuitive breastfeeding position, which can be used from the moment the baby is born, and during confinement.

Because this position is easy for mothers to breastfeed, it can be used after confinement, and it is also very suitable to feed twins. At the same time, the medical-grade yoboo electric breast milk extractor is equipped with an anti-reverse valve port, so that it will not leak even if you are lying down and pumping.

The advantage of this position is that it is the most labor-saving way of feeding for mothers, and the baby can also control the way of drinking.

Ⅴ.  One of the breastfeeding positions: lying on your side

Side feeding is suitable for all mothers who want to breastfeed and want to sleep. The two most recommended breastfeeding positions during confinement are the reclining feeding, and the side feeding.

There are some mothers who have a caesarean section. She may be worried that she has just given birth to a baby. If she is lying on her side and breastfeeding, will the wound be compressed and painful, or whether the wound will be affected by the baby when she is lying on her side while feeding.

At this time, we can try to lie on the side first. If the wound is not too painful when lying on the side, we can put a small pillow or a quilt in front of our wound, so that in case we won't get hurt if we were kicked by the baby.

The advantage of side breastfeeding position is that it is super relaxing. We can feed while sleeping and the baby will feel safe. When lying down and feeding the baby in the middle of the night, the baby can sleep longer and better, which is also good for us.

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