Why Can't the Breast Pump out when the Mother's Breast is Engorged?

Feb 10,2022

Choosing a breast pump is a skilled task! Especially for women who don't like to read the manual, if they choose the wrong one, or they don't get the tricks to use the breast pump, they will definitely question the volume of their breast milk at last!

1. Is the bilateral electric breast pump better than the unilateral one?

In principle, pumping milk on both sides at the same time can save time, increase the amount of milk pumped, and can better stimulate the secretion of milk. But not all mothers are suitable for a bilateral breast pump. For example, for a mother with a breast that is too small, too large, and asymmetrical, the electric bilateral breast pump requires additional equipment to be fixed to the breast at the same time.

Although many breast pump manufacturers now combine their product with hands-free bras, mothers with the above-mentioned characteristics are still unable to use them comfortably, which means that the bilateral effect cannot be achieved.

2. Do you know how to choose the size of the horn cover of the electric breast pump?

The shape of each breast is different, and the characteristics of nipple development are different. Just like buying shoes, you must buy a product that fits your feet, so it is also important to choose the appropriate horn cover of the breast pump.

If the breast pump has a fixed horn cover and cannot be changed to another size, there may be an unsatisfactory breast pumping effect due to the mismatch with the nipple.

If the mother's breast is relatively small, flat, and tight, but the horn-shaped part of the horn cover is too narrow, the electric breast pump will not be able to stick to the breast when pumping, and the negative suction pressure will not be enough.

Then you will find that when the breast pump is activated, the whole breast is moving in and out, and the nipple will not stretch and expand with the pumping of the breast pump, and the milk cannot be pumped out.

If the diameter of the tube-shaped part of the horn cover is too large, the nipple and part of the areola will be sucked in, which will cause the areola to swell easily and the pumping effect will be poor.

On the contrary, if the wireless electric breast pump always makes your nipples sore and uncomfortable, check if the diameter of the tube part is too small, which causes part of the nipple to always get stuck inside when it is stretched. In serious cases, white streaks will appear on the root of nipple.

Only if the size and shape of the horn cover matches the size and shape of the breast and nipple, the effect of breastfeeding can be better, and at the same time, the nipple and areola will not be injured.

Observe whether the horn cover is suitable. First, after the breast pump is activated, whether the breast body and areola can be tightly attached to the horn cover, and second, whether the nipple can stretch freely in the tube-shaped area at the front of the horn cover.

3. When using an electric breast pump, is the greater the suction the better?

More and more brands will consider dual modes in the design of new electric breast pumps, which simulates the sucking characteristics during breastfeeding, and is a combination of light stimulation mode and deep and powerful pumping mode.

The more comfortable the pumping process is, the more milk the yoboo wireless electric breast pump can stimulate in the spiral flow pumping mode, and the more milk you can pump out. Therefore, the suction should be set to the maximum force within the range of user feeling comfortable to ensure that there is no pain or discomfort in the nipple during the suction process.

And after pumping, there is no obvious edema and irritating pain in the nipple and areola. When the nipple is in good condition, the milk will come out smoothly. If the nipple is damaged in order to force the breast to give out more milk, it is not worth the loss!

4. Choose second-hand electric breast pump carefully

The characteristics of home electric breast pump are convenience, but the service life of the motor is usually relatively short, so if your friend thinks her electric breast pump is very useful and wants to share it with you, you have to ask first that how long ago did she buy it, and how often did she use it herself.

If it has been used for more than two years, or it has not been used for a long time, but is used frequently, it is best to buy a new one yourself!

If you are already using a second-hand electric breast pump, and you find that the sound of the motor is not a thump and a crisp sound, but a very slow humming sound, which is very strange and is likely to affect the suction.

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