Analysis of the Current Situation and Development Prospects of the Newborn Wipes Industry

Sep 13,2023

Baby wipes are wipes specifically designed for children aged 0-3 years. During this period, a child's skin is delicate and more sensitive, so baby wipes should not contain alcohol, fragrances, preservatives, fluorescent agents, etc. The ingredients and safety level of baby wipes need to meet higher requirements and standards compared to regular wipes. Parenting life is very difficult, especially when it comes to keeping a child's skin clean, which can be a troublesome and tedious task. Wipes have the characteristics of quick cleaning, convenience of carrying, and disposability. They are also relatively inexpensive, providing many conveniences for parenting life.

Newborn wipes can be classified according to material, use, and craftsmanship.

Newborn wipes can be classified into chemical fiber non-woven fabric wipes and plant cellulose non-woven fabric wipes based on their materials. Most of the baby wipes on the market are made of chemical fiber non-woven fabric, while those made from plant cellulose non-woven fabric are very rare. Newborn wipes can be classified into hand and mouth wipes, facial cleansing wipes, and tooth cleansing wipes based on their use. They can be further categorized into direct laying and cross-laid mesh based on craftsmanship. Direct laying wipes have poor tensile strength, are thinner, more transparent, and prone to deformation and shedding. Cross-laid mesh, also known as warp-knitted mesh, has stable tensile strength, thick fabric, and is less likely to penetrate.

The wet wipes market is still in the early stage of rapid development, and the industry pattern has not yet formed. The wet wipes market is still in the early stage of rapid development, and the industry pattern has not yet formed. In 2020, driven by the epidemic, the awareness of social health and protection has increased, and the size of the wet wipes market has grown by 23.6% to 10.9 billion yuan. In the future, based on different age levels and diverse demand scenarios of consumers, the segmentation and differentiation of wipes for newborn products are expected to drive industry growth.

Development trends of wipes in the market

The wipes in the market can be broadly divided into three categories: baby wipes, general wipes, and functional wipes. Data shows that wipes for newborn have the largest market share in the national wipes segment, accounting for more than half, reaching 56.4%. The second largest market share is held by general wipes, accounting for 27.8%. The market share of other functional wipes is slightly smaller.

The overall education level of parents born in the 80s and 90s is improving, and the concept of eugenics and good child-rearing has become a common consensus in society. With the continuous advancement of urbanization, parents' investment in their children has also increased year by year. The maternal and child consumption market involves various aspects such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, use, care, play, and education, with thousands of subdivided categories. These categories not only have sufficient independence but also have absolute integration, making it one of the few industries that can operate as a "department store industry." It is precisely in such a background that the maternity and baby industry is considered the most promising sunrise industry for investment. Even a very niche and specialized small category contains tremendous business opportunities.

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