How to View Pacifying Silicone Pacifiers?

Nov 01,2023

In many cartoon characters, the image of a baby is often inseparable from an iconic pacifier. So in real life, is a soothing silicone soother really necessary? Is it good or bad for babies? If parents are worrying about this, it might be helpful to see what doctors have to say.

The function of a soothing silicone pacifier

Just like its name, the main function of a soothing silicone soother is to comfort the baby. Psychologists believe that from birth to around 2 years old, during the oral phase, sucking on the mouth helps babies to alleviate their tension and increase their sense of security. In addition to using sucking as a way to eat and grow, it can also stimulate the nearby lips and tongue through sucking, providing a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Therefore, a soothing silicone soother is a comforting object. When a baby is crying, it can be placed in their mouth to temporarily calm them down. When they are hungry, they can pretend to suck on it a few times to relieve their urgency. When they are bored, they can also pinch or bite it as a fun game. For naughty children who won't listen no matter how they are coaxed, for babies who cry incessantly after being separated from their family, and for babies in the teething stage with itchy or painful gums, a soothing silicone pacifier may be a temporary savior.

In conclusion, whether a soothing silicone soother is useful depends on how parents use it. If it is used improperly, it can also have negative consequences.

The key to whether or not to buy a soothing silicone soother depends on the baby

Whether or not to buy a soothing silicone soother mainly depends on the baby's situation. Because the greatest function of a soothing silicone soother is to satisfy the baby's non-nutritive sucking and soothe their emotions. Sucking is a baby's innate and only form of expression, apart from crying. Parents often see babies sucking on nipples without actually feeding or sucking on their fingers, which is actually how babies perceive and understand the world. Some babies can accept pacifiers and find comfort in them, while others may not like them. If it is found that the baby resists it, parents should not let them use it again and should not buy them in the future. It's best to let things take their course. Parents can try techniques such as touch and talking to provide the baby with a sense of security.

Of course, from a positive paerspective, when considering the pros and cons of using a soothing silicone soother, it should be compared to frequent thumb sucking, which can lead to deformities in the gums or teeth, or even thumb deformities. The sucking action of a silicone soother is resisted by the outer round piece, resulting in relatively minor negative effects on the gums and teeth. However, long-term use of a soothing silicone pacifier may affect the development of the baby's upper and lower jaw bones, and a small number of babies may develop a high palate, causing improper occlusion of the upper and lower teeth and an unattractive appearance of the lips. Therefore, for babies who use a soothing silicone pacifier, it is important to use it correctly.

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