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Baby wipes

  • 介绍图片 Thickened spunlaced non-woven fabric-softer
  • 介绍图片 With aloe extract and Vitamin E, moisturise skin
  • 介绍图片 Cross-pearl texture, with good cleaning
  • 介绍图片 Just take one sheet every time

How many wipes will a baby use in one month?

Many unexpected situations for babies can be treated with baby wipes, especially

when it is difficult to get water when going out. Therefore, mothers should determine

the amount of wipes for babies, so as not to fall into the embarrassing situation of

being temporarily useless.

A pack of baby wipes is 80-100 sheets averagely. If a baby eats four meals a day,

and consumes about three or four sheets on average. In addition, three or four sheets

are used to wipe the baby's ass, more will be used when going out at ordinary times.

Thus, it will take about three to four packs of baby wipes a month. Therefore, Moms

can store about five packs of baby wipes at home every month.

When to use wet wipes on newborn babies?

As newborn babies have sensitive skin, it is important to use gentle products when choosing wipes for newborns.

Three options are generally available:


Watered cotton wool

Baby Wipes

The products chosen depend entirely on the baby's skin, which means that different products need to be used at different stages of development.

Although water and cotton wool with water are natural and non-irritating, they are very cumbersome to use and not the most effective cleaning products, so safe baby wipes may be a better choice.

It is generally recommended that newborn babies can start using baby wipes after they are one month old. Yoboo baby wipes are alcohol, fragrance and fluorescent free, very gentle, safe, non-irritating and baby skin friendly. It is also highly cleansing, very convenient and hygienic, and it contains aloe vera extract and vitamin E to moisturise baby's skin.

FAQs about Baby Wipes

1. Should I pay attention to ingredients of baby wipes?

Yes. In general, baby wipes with fewer ingredients are less likely to irritate baby's skin. If

baby has very sensitive skin, look for hypoallergenic wipes without chemicals, dyes or


2. What to keep in mind when using baby wipes

Dont flush them! Most baby wipes have the potential to cause problems with your


Use them sparingly. Not every nappy change requires wipes, since urine rarely irritates the

skin and todays nappies are more absorbent than ever. Using wipes for poop clean-ups

only can help you save money over time.

3. How do I choose the thickness of baby wipes?

The thicker the wipe, the fewer passes across the skin you will need. There will be less

rubbing and inflammation on delicate skin, less environmental waste and often a more

luxurious feel. It is suggested that parents test them out on themselves first. Does it feel

gentle, or scratchy and abrasive?

Product name Baby wipes
Components 100-sheet wipe, packing, sealing lid
Model YB-0009
Capacity 100-sheet
Instructions 1. Push the button to open. 
2. Tear off the sticker to use.